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quality contol management

At Qontrol Devices, quality of our products is one of our top concerns. In order to ensure our quality will be the least of your worries, we have implemented many different methods to maintain controls on our products. These controls begin prior to production with the PPAP process. During production, we regularly monitor critical dimensions with real time data analysis. Inspection documents always follow afterwards to help us determine the effectiveness of the process. Finally, if there are quality issues with our products, our team responds swiftly with short term containment actions as well as long term adjustments to ensure that quality issue does not again.


Our part approval process begins with submission of first article samples. The PPAP will accompany first articles on request and typically is performed at level III unless otherwise specified. Documents in level III include:

-Design records and drawings
-Engineering change documents and approval
-DFMEA (if necessary)
-Process flow diagram
-Control plan
-Dimensional inspection results
-Statistical process study
-Gage R&R and MSA studies
-Lab qualifications

Quality control equipment

We are able to accurately measure many dimensions on incoming parts for inspection. A combination of gage pins, blocks, and other measuring tools allow us to quickly and easily determine if inspected parts conform to dimensional requirements. Surface roughness, rubber durometer, and metal hardness are among some of the quick checks we can use for verifying materials and processes.

Active quality control

Critical dimensions on manufactured parts can be subject to statistical process control, or SPC. This allows the part's critical dimension to be checked mid-production at regular intervals to ensure that there is little deviation in the results. This is followed up with a process capability index analysis, which helps to ensure that our process is consistent within the deviation required by our customers.


QDI strive to follow our quality management system with ISO9001 standards since 2007. We have been improving our company management to follow the standards every year and have never failed our external audits.