Typical Materials

Our project experience spans all typical materials. These include steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, alloy steel, and all of various grades. We can handle most manufacturing processes beginning with material forming to heat treating. As a provider of OEM products and manufacturing services, it is our duty to be familiar with all processes that will improve and create the best product for your application.

Low Temperature Steel

We have experience providing project assistance and satisfying manufacturing needs for low temperature or cryogenic applications. Our team is able to source material for these applications with competitive pricing without excessive lead times.

Bismut, Electrical, and Solenoid Steel

Our team also has experience working with bismuth and electrical steel for applications in electrical switches and relays. Furthermore, we have provided high volume projects for solenoid grade stainless steel in corrosion resistant environments. Feel free to send inquiries for your specific application to our team to see what we can provide for you.