hvac mounts

Rubber mounts

These rubber mounts are designed to be softer and thus
isolate lower frequency for HVAC applications.
Their load capacities can vary depending on the size of
machine used.

Air Mounts

Low frequency air mounts are specifically designed to
maintain a certain static deflection for very long
periods of time. These mounts offer consistency as well
as reliability; their structural design is more advantageous
than typical air mounts.

Spring Mounts

Spring mounts are weather resistant and support low natural
frequencies. Load ratings range from light weight to heavy
duty, including seismic applications. Impact resistant cases
protect the springs. Deflections are easily checked through
the casings, and are particularly useful for their quick
and easy installation.

Machinery mounts

Machinery mounts are designed specifically for use with larger
machines. The leveling capabilities of these mounts allow the
machine to be levelregardless of the surface. Rubber on the feet
provide better traction and slight vibration isolation.

Rubber Pads

For machines that need additional isolation, the rubber pad is a
great supplement. The pad will also provide stability and increased
\traction across the surface. It is particularly useful when a wide
range of frequencies need to be isolated.