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Engineering Support

Qontrol Devices provides engineering support for OEM projects and products on a purchase order basis. We can help with design, analysis, and testing for your first article and production runs. Our team of engineers can also provide support in the form of 3D CAD model and drawing implementation, stress, heat, load, and dynamic analysis, international standards interpretation, and more. As a provider of manufactured goods, our quality engineers also provide critical manufacturing analysis and preparation, such as statistical process control, gage repeatability and reproducibility, GD&T interpretation, and much more. Our goal to be a thorough engineering and manufacturing outfit begins with our engineering support.

Design and Analysis

After choosing Qontrol Devices as your manufacturing provider, we are able to provide a wide range engineering support in design and analysis.

We currently have capabilities in all aspects of design. We have access to 3D modeling software as well as in-house 3D printing capabilities for prototyping needs. In conjunction with 3D modeling, we can provide a variety of finite element analysis, including stress, deflection, heat, and interference analysis.

As a manufacturing provider, we can suggest alternative manufacturing processes and materials to maximize cost reduction. Our manufacturing analysis provides SPC reports and gage R&R to ensure high quality parts during production. As far as post-process analysis goes, parts subject to various tests such as load tests, NDT, salt spray tests, etc., will also have these performed.

Our office is well equipped with access to common international standards and norms for easy referencing and determination of equivalents. Typical standardization we are familiar with include ANSI, SAE, AMS, ASTM, ISO, JIS, GB, MIL, among others.

Mechanical and Environment Testing

Prior to delivery to each lot’s order, parts may be subject to mechanical and environmental testing. Our manufacturing supply chain can test parts as required according to their associated standard or equivalent.

Some examples of mechanical testing we have experience with include:

Static test (including material performance)

· Load and deflection

· Stress and strain

· Tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation

· Hardness

Dynamic test

· Natural frequency

· Damping ratio

· Creep test

· Fatigue test

· Shock and Vibration

Environment and corrosion resistance test

· Low and high temperature performance

· Salt spray resistance hours

· Ozone resistance

· Humidity

· Oil resistance

Electronic Test

For materials, products, and projects we manufacture with electric and/or magnetic applications, our supply chain can provide the following tests to ensure these OEM projects conform to requirements:

· Resistivity

· Conductivity

· Impedance

· Permittivity

· Return loss of material

· EMI levels

NDT Inspection

As far as additional testing requirements for parts acceptance goes, we are able to handle the following qualification tests with each manufacturing lot, as required:

· Magnetic particle

· Liquid dye penetrant

· X-ray

· Ultrasonic